Dyslexia and Me… A Poem By Natalie J Davies

IMG_5445Dyslexia and Me.

Hello I am Dyslexic,
Sorry…What’s my name?
It doesn’t really matter,
you all treat me the same.

I’m really trying my hardest,
I’m not lazy or work-shy.
It’s just I really don’t understand it,
no point shouting and asking why?

You may have explained it one thousand times
and it may take one thousand more,
but really I am trying!
You don’t believe me though I’m sure.

The letters and numbers mingle,
in a place within my mind.
No I can’t see where the full stop should be,
so stop acting so unkind.

Yes I struggle reading and writing,
yes my grammar is extremely poor.
Yes I know this should be easy!
I’ve heard all these things before!

If you really want to help me,
why not stop and ask me why?
Why I can not read that word?
Why I spelt that with an I?

Why when I write a word down,
it looks just how it’s said.
Why when I calculate numbers,
I cant just do it in my head.

See there really is a reason,
this is not how I wish to be.
Then one day someone looked down,
and really looked at me!

Yes I find that way much easier,
Yes I understand now I can see!
Yes I can read much better now,
Yes the I comes before the E!

See it only takes one person!
One person to understand.
The reason I wasn’t doing well,
was your need to understand!

I really love reading now!
Just watch my vocabulary grow!
My spellings better every day!
My grammar less so-so!

Hello my name is Natalie,
It just took one person to see.
That dyslexia is not everything,
and it doesn’t define me!


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