How a To-Do List can help you

We thought that this would be a good article to start with, as we use these every day in every-day life.

What is a “To-Do” list?

“They are a list of tasks that need to be completed, typically organised in order of priority” Source:

This tool can be completed in the morning or at the end of your working day.

I use them for both my professional and home life!

I’m sure we have all suffered from our brains running on overdrive with hundreds of ideas whirring around with thoughts and tasks. If you find yourself suffering this common headache then it is time for you to take the time to write it down. Getting those ideas out of your head and onto paper can make you will feel much better and give you an instant sigh of relief.

Benefits of a “To Do” List;

·        Organisation: If you write your tasks down you will be able to sort them out into an order of priority and decide what time is needed for each one. Organisation is the most important skill for all admin professionals, and this is another tool to make you even more efficient than you already are.

·        Prioritising: This is key, you need to make sure you write the tasks in priority (for example high, medium and low) and allocate the appropriate amount of your time to them. This will again increase your daily productivity.

·        Productivity: If you write your tasks down, you are less likely to miss anything. We all struggle to store all that information at once, especially when continuing about your day with distractions or additional tasks, things will be forgotten. So as soon as you are given a task – write it down! Having a physical copy helps you to retain the information as well as giving you something to refer back to.

·        Mentally: If you physically write things down, it is a proven fact that it helps you de-stress and helps your mental state while achieving these goals.

“To write things down is to clear your mind”

Source: Adam P Maxted

·        Self-Positivity: The main part and the one I personally enjoy the most about a To-Do list is ticking the DONE box! Ticking this box will make you feel, self-satisfaction, pride and more confidence in your own abilities. By the way these are 3 ways you should feel about yourself all the time.

It may be simple, but not all professionals use a physical “To-Do” List, if you tackle one task at a time with the appropriate amount of your time you will do it well, in better time and not only will your team / manager be happy with outcome but you will find your life less stressful.

With my dyslexia this little skill has helped immensely. In my mind I have a lot of information going around, buzzing like noise, it is very difficult to pin-point on just one thing. So learning to write it down in as a to-do list has helped gain control of my thought process and my alternate way of thinking, helping me to use them as an extremely positive attributes.

I hope you can now see the large benefits yourself, and to your productivity that this simple task can do.

By Adam P Maxted

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