Our mission


Thank you for visiting our site, I do hope you find it useful or even help create more articles and awareness.

This is a new site made by Adam Maxted, who wanted to create a site to just help others.

We shall share hints and tips that we have learnt, share thoughts and experiences to learn from.

We shall help raise awareness for Dyslexia. Adam has had ups and downs with his dyslexia, so we want to help everyone understand Dyslexia, and learn from his experiences.

We would like to not only assist people with dyslexia, we want to assist everyone. Please have a look at all our blogs as we are sure there will be something there to help you.

There is quite a lot of hint and tips websites, we are different as ours comes from minds that think and process information differently than the majority of others.

So please have a look, have a read, help us help you, help us help others.

Lets build a online community where everyone helps each other and also shows that preconceptions can sometimes be very wrong…..

Thank you.

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