The Effects of Social Media

I am writing this blog, because social media has become so important in our personal and professional lives.

A year ago all social media was to me, was my Facebook page. Just there to keep in contact with my friends. Upload statuses and photos sharing great experiences.

I thought that was all it was. Then I introduced myself to LinkedIn for work purposes. My twitter account all of sudden became alive and relevant, even other platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.

I started using more platforms due to my professional development and career. I am new to the whole social media world. But I can say “wow” what an impact.

Not only do I enjoy social media, it has greatly impacted my personal and professional life for the positive.

You can find information about any topic, and real reviews instantly. You can see first-hand what changes and ventures are happening in your career field. With your personal interest it gives you an opportunity to actually see information from the greats in that field, even gives you a chance to have a say and or impact.

Within my professional life, I am extremely interested in training, education, administration and customer service. Social media has helped me find groups of interest, networking opportunities, professionals with similar interests and helped me gain incredible mentors.

To some degree I have gained a voice in my professional field. Some people choose to listen, some may not. At least I can have a say, and be heard. Whereas before the majority of people would never have that opportunity on any level. You can learn from other people’s experiences, understand differences of opinions and create professional growth.

On a personal level it has really helped my confidence. It has shown that I do have a voice and what I have said can be valid. Through my dyslexia on an education and career level, I would always second guess myself. As throughout my life when people have heard that I have dyslexia. Some have, it seemed automatically prejudged me as dumb and not knowledgeable. This of course is a huge misconception of dyslexia, which recently a large number of organisations are trying to change. But through the power of social media, awareness and understanding is spreading.

On a personal note the feedback I have gained from my blogs and articles. They have greatly increased my confidence and self-belief. Enabling me to make positive impacts and changes within my life and career.

I know some may be reading this and saying social media is not all positive. I know that can be true, I myself have even have been subject to negative effects of social media (if you are please talk to someone). It can be very difficult, but please do know though it will get better. Unfortunately it is not the platform it is the people using it.

Just remember the positives, because if you use social media correctly it really can be great.

It can give you a platform to share experiences. With family and friends all over the world in an instant. It can give life and career assistance from real people in an instant. It can even, as it did for me increase your confidence, and give you a voice.

If you want to share anything, or talk about a specific subject. Please message me, let’s get it on social media. Let’s create opportunities and a community.

Thank you.

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