The move of what’s important in sales

This may just be me and may just me thinking this. But it seems that the sales world is changing dramatically in recent years, even more so in just the last year.

What changes do I mean…

Firstly the salespeople themselves, we seem to becoming more personal and more approachable than salespeople of the past. I find it is no longer the stripped trouser suit with tie, but the nice open collar shirt. This is definitely the change I have made in my sales career, which is a positive as the customer will feels more relaxed and will actually speak to you.

The salesperson is no longer all about false hope, twisting of the truth, yes sir no sir attitude. But we are now more honest about what we can actually provide and when or how we can go the extra mile to get it done.

The sales meetings I go to or hold myself are no longer the out dated sales speeches and sales techniques. They are naturally flowing conversations between two people.

We now know in this present, people are savvier when it comes to sales people. They have a much larger guard up and they can spot a sales technique off a mile away, which turns them off and heads them towards a no to your pitch / product.

The next point is, it seems to be the salespeople themselves who are a large selling point, maybe sometimes more so than the product. I feel as a sales person it is me the customer judges the company and service on. It is me that sells the company, not by saying how wonderful everything is. Actually being a real person who is there to help the customer, not trying to force a sale. I have always been more of about customer service, over hard sales. Now sales seems to be more about customer service rather than those targets, which in my mind is great and truly positive direction.

In my career with sales, I have been a waiter upselling the menu, telesales person calling people getting them to buy this extra option on their policy. I have been a face to face salesman and a Business Development Manager. Until recently they were all about the KPI and that’s all that mattered. Now correct me if I am wrong, yes KPI matters but salespeople are more caring for the public now and realise customer service and honesty is more important.  

I think it is a wonderful change to be honest, and I look forward to seeing what happens in another year’s time.

Remember this is a blog, this is just my opinion. But please let me know what you think, let me know your latest experiences with salespeople or your experiences as a salesperson.

Thank you for reading

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