My name is Adam Maxted, I have over 15 years experience in customer service, administration and management. I have dyslexia and I am looking to help create awareness, and show the different ways in which dyslexia has helped me and also how I have been able to create tools to assist me.

I have now become a trained assessor, trainer and speaker.

This blog will show and inform people of all the different hints and tips I have learnt with my experiences, and hopefully help you with your professional and/orĀ personal life.

I will also help show people that dyslexia can help them become evenĀ greater people, and change the wrong preconception / prejudgement that unfortunately some have.

Lets work together, help each other with ways to increase positivity in our personal life, productivity in our professional life and create a positive respect for dyslexia.

If you have any ideas, tips please contact me further.